Bette’s Battle: theunfetteredpreacher

This mighty man of Faith and Power, is writing this from our local ER.

It is 3:54 AM, the 22nd of November, 2017.

I woke up at midnight, checked on Bette, asleep in a chair in the living room.

She sounded fine. I can usually tell by her speech if her blood sugar is low.

I told her to go to bed, she said sure. I went back to sleep. About 1:30, she woke me and asked for help.

She had fallen, hurt her wrist, and her sugar was low.

As always, she was more worried about checking her sugar, than to eat and get it back up.

Thankfully, Halloween candy was there to rescue her sugar.

Her wrist…. not so much.

X-rays taken, IV in place, waiting for Doctor.

5:00 AM, wrist is broken, waiting for team to put her out and set and splint it.

5:30, She’s out, 5:40, splint on Waking up.

7:30 Home … waiting to call Dr. For cast.

She wants to go to work….

Dr. Did not put a solid cast on. He said the ER, did a good job lining up the broken bones.

Do not use that arm, or hand. Keep it elevated, come back in a week to check.

She didn’t go to work. Did not cry, or complain about pain.

“Oh my goodness”, the only words spoken while, bones were being set.

Wish I was that strong. She’s a keeper for sure.

Glad it isn’t worse.

Prayers requested for quick healing, and that surgery will not be needed.



5 thoughts on “Bette’s Battle: theunfetteredpreacher

  1. FB
    barbara Sprosky- Prayer for speedy recovery.
    Janice Packard Roy- Prayers for healing
    Janet Ackers Lashua -Speedy recovery!
    Jim Anderson-Prayers for you and your family
    Tonya Wilson Hardyman-Oh no! is she ok?
    Jennie Busteed-Poor thing! Praying she heals quickly!
    Jill Shuffelton Hanson-Hope you’re all better soon Bette!
    Bonnie and Gerry-Gerry and I are praying for you Bette! If you need anything, call me?? I can come clean house do dishes.. anything to help you my friend ! Lov e you! ❤
    Mary Slade Sherwood-I’m so sorry! Give her hugs from me! You guys are in my prayers!
    Tim Mariner-Blessings for good health.
    Barbara Nelson-Bud and I will pray for a quick recovery. May God Bless both of you during this time!
    Jill Digre Field-Prayers! Oh my goodness!!
    Carol Bothun-Take care. Prayer for a very quick recovery.


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