What do we believe? theunfetteredpreacher

So many of us, have beliefs, that are Unshakable, immovable… steadfast.

We know what we know, and we will not be moved.

How have we come to these beliefs?

What we have heard, seen, and experienced in our lives, influences what we believe.

As children, we were either dragged to Church, and told, “This is what we believe.

Some parents, (usually nonbelievers), decide not to influence their children either way, they don’t bring them to, or encourage them to go to Church.

They say, when they get older, they can decide for themselves.

This has given us a generation, with no moral compass, no standards of right, wrong, or healthy or destructive, actions.

They are left, adrift, anchor less, pulled, pushed, by a current to nowhere, with little hope of finding the truth.

Why? The Church has little power to draw them in, and there is little reason for them to stay and learn, to be introduced to the God of Creation and Salvation.

Thank God, I was forced to attend Church and Sunday School Weekly, until I left my parents house.

I heard, all the children’s stories, of the Ark, the parting of the Red Sea, Jesus healing the sick and dying on the cross.

They were all “childrens stories.” The same as, Little Red Riding Hood, the turtle and the hare, all of Mother Goose and the other childrens tales.

It wasn’t till I had searched for, and was introduced to the living God, that the Bible stories, were finally recognized as truth.

The trouble is, the Bible is Truth, yet it seems to be taught, as it were Tales from beyond.

We were promised a Gospel of Power but, have received only Hot, Empty Air.

Taught by unbelieving believers. Folks who want to believe, yet haven’t seen, experienced, the Power of God, so do not believe the Impossible, is possible.

They try, but lack conviction, and rely on ceremonies, rituals, programs and projects.

It is much easier to be busy doing, than waiting for God’s direction, and desires.

No one seems to know how to wait on the Lord, to allow Him to grow in us, and then in the Church around us.

We know the Bible stories, so we don’t read them again. Sadly, we miss the message the Lord may have for us in those verses.

We cannot receive Godly Revelation, with hearts of stone, eyes that are blind, ears that will not hear, and minds that refuse to understand.

We must be willing to hear and except the truth. Be willing to admit, some of our beliefs are not Biblical. Just bad Doctrine.

Be willing to accept the truth of the Word, your Church leader, may be sharing, what he has learned from others, and not found the truth for himself, in study.

We are all responsible to know for ourselves, the truth.

Please, seek Him… Learn from Him… Don’t accept all you hear, until you search it out on your own. Amen

2 thoughts on “What do we believe? theunfetteredpreacher

  1. people only pray God when they are in difficulty and not when they are happy. Generation gap is there and people are more interested in show off and entertainment. See the crowds at the cinema houses and cricket stadiums and other such things which attract people.


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