Fond Memories: theunfetteredpreacher

It is sad, that I really have little memory of my High School and later years. I started drinking and abusing myself at that time.

(I don’t think I want to know or remember. I know I am ashamed of what I do remember).

Yet, I have many fond memories of my younger years, I had 4 close friends, I would like to thank.

As a young guy growing up in Ashburnham, I was blessed to know some wonderful people.

I kicked a kid in the face, on the slide, in first grade, (an accident), he became a close friend for many years.

Leo, you amaze me with your knowledge and the memories you share on the Ashburnham site.

Somehow you have grown into a valuable asset to our little home town. I have many fond memories.

Your folks were so kind to me. I still chuckle, for trying to eat the fruit that was always on the kitchen table.

I think I had a crush on your Mom, and hoped to grow up and be ruggedly handsome like your Dad.

I wish I had kept the service patches and medals I begged from him. You should have gotten them.

I spent time on your front porch, drinking beer and pouring out my troubles, after my failed marrige. I remember the kindness and wisdom, your folks shared.

The only reason I know how we met is you told me. I don’t seem to remember much, my eyes were always on myself.

Thank you for your friendship.

I have no idea how I met Joe, unless it was band, with Mrs Williams. (She was great).

Joe, I played more catch with you than should be legal. Football in grammar school, with Tom and Rick.

Walking home from football games in our Band Uniform’s.

I didn’t have a lot of contact with your Dad, but your Mom was so sweet.

We played at your house, all the time.

My dog caused me to crash my bike in front of your house. Your Mom came running out to help me.

I enjoyed my visits with her in later years, and I enjoy Matthew’s FB posts.

I was pleased to see your recent anniversary photos, congratulations.

I should have paid more attention to both you and Leo, you are both better men than I. Good examples, I ignored.

I wasted so many years in a bottle, the first half of my life. So glad I found the Lord.

Tom, was fun, popular, caring and a great friend, from football to swimming at his house.

Always a laugh, and a joy to be with. His Mom was always so kind.

Bruce, my rock and roll band mate. Thank you for the prayers. I am determined to have a better later years then the first.

Our bands, were the pits, but your friendship, priceless. You have been such a blessing since you found me on line.

You have given me hope and confidence even with my spelling. To know someone who was interested in my posts.

My heart goes out to you and Chris, I hope you are finding joy in your lives again.

I still remember the joke Chris’s Dad told me, the one time I visited her home. (I was scared to death of him).

Why do dogs have their tales between their legs, when they are running away?

Do you know?

I didn’t spend much time at your house, but was so impressed with the phone stuff, your Mom was a dispatcher or something?

Again, my eyes were on me…. sorry.

I had many others I was friendly with, but was closest to these four.

Thank you guys, you all made my youth a better place.

To all the girls I knew before. Please forgive me, my ignorance. When I was young and stupid, I was.

12 thoughts on “Fond Memories: theunfetteredpreacher

  1. Comments from FB
    Whether I was personally acquainted with you or not – I sprung from small town South Ashburnham as well – life has dealt me many hands – not all of them positive or beneficial. Harkening back to my small town roots and the church upbringing I had there brings me peace of mind. We all do the best we can…. laurie hill

    What a great post, Bill. Your candor is really moving. We all did dumb things when were young (some of them REALLY dumb), but, one hopes, we’ve all grown up. You and I were not especially close in school, but I always liked you, and I’m very grateful for what God has done in your life. Carry on, Brother!
    Doug Drown
    I’m curious about the dog joke too, but knowing Roy the punch-line could be of dubious taste. I remember our pathetic band fondly; some day I’d like to play as well as I thought I did then! Bruce Gibbs
    i dont know u but that was well written and well done ty for sharing
    Lisa Ann
    The most honest well written post I’ve read in a long time…thank you for sharing! Nicole Young
    Nice.. Now finish the dog joke.. Seriously, that was either very brave, or a cry for help.. I`m guessing the first…
    Christopher Lashua
    Wow. Leona Msiloux


  2. Yes, maiden name was Gariepy. I married Joe who was a good friend of Daves. He lived with Cider and Marie Harding and worked at Hardings Garage. Joe and I were good friends with Martha and her exhusband Bob. We saw Martha and Kenny at the last Oakmont HS reunion before we moved to Tampa. I have great memories of Ashburnham and all the great friends we had. It was such a wonderful town to grow up in.
    Barb Landry. FB


  3. Hi Bill, I saw your post last night as Leo and I were driving home from New Hampshire and read it to him and I have never seen that bright of a smile in a while! And chuckles too.

    Keeping you in our prayers and we are always here and I know Leo thinks the world of you as well, because I have heard the stories you posted for years from Leo. God bless!
    Marybeth Janssens.


  4. I continue to follow your regular posts, The one about the friends you knew was awesome. We sure dis some stupid things back in those days but also smart ones, like finding friends like each other. Our lives have changed a lot since then for sure but you have found the right path to be on and I am a lucky women to have also reconnected with you to be able to share your inspirations, and i look forward to what you have to say.


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