The Birthday Blues: Theunfetteredpreacher

For her birthday in August, my wife wanted to replace our green shutters for ‘new blue shutters’.

Someone had told her, for a house to look good, it should have 3 colors.

Ours, when we bought it, was:

Gray House with White Trim..

She decided, at that time, for green shutters and front door.

It did look nice….

This year she decided to go with blue, instead of green.

Fine, I special ordered the shutters. (In August). Do to health and laziness, I put them up yesterday. (October 20th)

I decided to do them one at a time. I started with the most western window.

The original green set, came with both plastic and regular screws. I mistakenly used a couple of the plastic.

They would not unscrew, I had to break the heads off and drill them out.

I did this, put the new shutter on.

Something did not look right.

I stepped back, looked and realized I had put the green shutter back on….

Nothing like doing the same job twice, that warms the heart. lol

The first set, took forever to install, a nap, and the second set, was a breeze. (Who am I kidding, it was a pain in the neck.

Blue shutters up, Wife happy…. Worth it.

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