My Story: theunfetteredpreacher

The Fence:

We had an old wooden fence around our front porch.

The spindles were not all even in its spacing, and our dog had many avenues of escape.

Bette, my sweet wife, wanted the new prefabricated fence.

Prefabricated? Yeah, right,… delivered in pieces… with directions for assembly.

The top picture, was the first to be put together. I was so proud… straight, leval… (pretty work). lol

It took my wives help to fit the spindles into the top rail and connect it to the end posts.

The next step? Turn the corner. The desire? To match the hight of the first piece.

Looks like I was one half inch low…. I didn’t notice at the time. I finished that section. (Again could not have got the top rail on without Bette’s assistance).

Again straight and leval, all the way down the other sections.

So pleased with myself, (and thankful for Bette’s assistance), only the gate left on the far end. I sat in my rocker to admire my fine work.

One word… SATISFACTION. until, … I noticed that second section, at the corner.

Now, I know, it should have been cleaned and painted first. It wasn’t. Nuff said.

No, it was the corner itself.

So proud of it being straight and leval. How did I end up higher than the first section?

I didn’t notice I had not knocked the top rail to the bottom of the clip it hooked to.

So the rest of the fence is higher than the original.

No worries…. I can live with and laugh at my mistakes.

It will still keep the dog inside. (We hope).

It still looks ok.

No the fence really isn’t the point of the story.

The story is the Gospel, Jesus gave us the first section.

Straight, leval, strong and true.

Full of Power to heal the sick, comfort the brokenhearted, to save the lost.

The Church turned the corner. Didn’t notice, we weren’t matched up perfectly.

We had the Word, the promise, the hope of Salvation, of Healing of Love, Peace and Joy.

What’s missing? Power.

The Church, by not matching the plan of Jesus, has lost the Power of His Promise.

Where have we gone wrong?

Like the Jews, before Jesus. We took His Words and added to it.

We added Ceremonies, Rituals, Readings, Order…. theses are all man’s inventions.

Jesus taught, touched, ate and met needs.

The Apostles sang, shared, prayed,taught, touched, ate and met needs.

In one accord…. believing His PROMISES.

We have an order of service, the music minister leads us to the announcements and offering.

Then the Pastor leads us in prayer and readings. If he is any good he teaches and touches the needs of the flock.

The problem is, the Pastor, loves the Lord, but has no inspired word from God.

It is easy to teach and preach. We can do that in our natural man.

To work in the Power of God, takes the Spiritual Man.

A man who doesn’t just read and study the Word, but believes and acts on it also.

We must lay hands on the sick, if we expect the Lord to work through us.

We must not give excuses, if we do not see results. According to our Faith and the Faith of the one in need…. so be it.




Build yourself by the renewing of your mind, studying to show yourself approved, recognizing and acting on the Revelation you will receive as you determine to draw closer to God.

Know the power of His Resurrection, the fellowship of His Sufferings, be Conformed to His Image.

Take up His Yoke. Walk with Him.

Build His Church.

3 thoughts on “My Story: theunfetteredpreacher

  1. As you often do, you hit the mark with this one. Thank you. My wife and I were discussing these very thoughts yesterday. We ended up pondering the difference between going to church and being the church. And since we’re former pastors, we talked about the difference between preaching Christ and preaching about Christ. Is there a difference? I think so. One demonstrates His power, the other tells people what He used to do (and there is nothing wrong in telling people what God used to do). However, I desire to preach Him, not just about Him. We ended by asking God to help us be the church – not simply attend church. For us, it’s all about reaching out into the harvest with real signs, wonders, and spiritual & physical healings.


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