Do you believe the Bible?   theunfetteredpreacher 

Do you believe the Bible?  Or do you believe what you have been taught the Bible says?

Unfortunately,  most of us believe what we have been taught.  We will look at what the Bible says, and reject it.   Because it doesn’t match up with what we have been told.

This isn’t because our Pastors and Teachers are trying to lead us astray.   No, they are teaching us what they have learned, from people they respect.   They are just passing along erroneous information,  they believe is truth.   


(They are not leading us astray.  Just not encouraging the growth that comes from the truth.)

The truth, quite simply is, we all read our Bibles, with our Denominational glasses on.  What we have heard, seen, and believed of the Bible, is at best, second hand knowledge. 

We need to be interested enough to read and explore it ourselves.   We will be surprised. 

When I first discovered these things, I would label them “Billisms”, it was a mistake.   

People hearing them or reading them, would just say, “Oh, that’s just Bill.”  My Denomination doesn’t teach it that way.

So it took awhile to realize these truths need to be presented as Biblical Truths, not Bills truths.

So, I ask you to read, and maybe reread some of my posts.  I  promise you, if you find something you haven’t heard before,  if you look, I will have two or three other scriptures,  to confirm my teaching.

So it is a choice.  Don’t believe me, when I say something.   Check in the Bible, am I conveying Biblical Truth, or error?

Have you always believed truth, or is it possible that revelation knowledge has exceeded what Luther, Calvin or the Wesley brothers knew?

I believe revelation knowledge is available to all who seek to know Jesus better.  Who will walk with Him in obedience, trusting His Holy Spirit,  to guide, direct and protect us.

Who will comfort, fill us with peace, joy and love.  Who will show us the more excellent way.

Please, believe what the Word says, not what you have been told it says.  You will have eyes that see and ears that hear.

 I believe that it will lead to a church with power.   Lord, please, may it be.


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