REMARKABLE!   theunfetteredpreacher 

Another great post from my friend Nelson. 

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This morning while eating my breakfast cereal,  Kellogg’s Mini Wheats Little Bites, I happened to read on the back of the box their “Colorful Clues” question: “How are Little Bites like a dry erase board?” Answer: “They’re both remarkable.” A play on the word “remarkable” causing me to think that the question could also have been, “How are WE like a dry erase board?” Same answer. “They’re both remarkable.” Spelled another way is what I think is a better answer, RE -markable. Like a dry erase board humans have been written on by others or our own self talk and life choices and events. BUT also, like the dry erase board we too can erase and re-mark our lives when we choose to.

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