Your God is too small!!!

Another old post, revisited


So many of us claim to believe that God is everywhere,  knows everything and can do anything.

Except, He doesn’t do signs and wonders anymore, no miracles or healings, (unless it might be His will this one time).

Heaven forbid He might talk to you personally or have a relationship with you. It’s ok to talk to Him but if He talks back, (your nuts). 

You talk in tongues?   See above.

We have His Word,  the Bible, He need not bother us with His presence any longer.  We can find out what He thinks and wants by reading His Word.

Except we don’t, or if we do, we choose what to believe.

We decide how we will worship, pray, praise….
We decide what is holy, sanctified, undefiled. ..
We decide who is saved, what sin is and who does it.

I have a few scriptures for your consideration:

Psalm 14:2

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