Opened eyes, today’s revelation:  theunfetteredpreacher 

The beginning of “Jesus, The Ministry Years”


I have read, known, believed and loved the Word of God for well over 30 years.

All this time, the ministry years of Jesus, have been exciting reading, but somewhat confusing.

I would see the same stories repeated book after book. That’s nice, but are they are in a different order, or have different details?

My mind did not comprehend.

I have been teaching Old Testament, on Wednesday nights to a small group in our Church, (8 to 12 folks), for several years.

A couple of chapters a week, from Genesis through Kings. ( to show Jesus, through out).

I decided it was time to look directly at Jesus.

Since they hear of the birth and death of Jesus every year, and unfortunately not much of His ministry, I decided to do a Harmony of the Gospels teaching.

We are using Mark as our anchor. Last week we made it…

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