On a personal note:  theunfetteredpreacher 

I struggle to be the man I should be.  I have received the mind of Christ, but I  set it aside and use my own. (You know that’s not good.)

I have been Justified, Sanctified, Holy Ghost  filled and water Baptized.   I have Jesus on my mind, I ‘ve found a new life….  

So why do I keep reaching back to my old life.  My old way of dealing with or doing things.  I know they don’t work so well, but….

I know how to fail.  I don’t really know how to succeed.   

I have the victory in and by the Name of Christ Jesus.   Yet, I do not call on Him, rely on Him, trust in Him.   I want control myself.

I think that is why so many fail to fulfil the Masters plan.   We do not totally trust, wait, or rely on Him.

Just do things my way Jesus,  I have a plan… disaster follows.  Quickly, totally, completely. 

Lord, help me to trust You, to be obedient to You, to walk with You.  

Lord, may my obedience and reliance on You, bring You honor and praise.

May You be glorified,  magnified, and exalted forever.  Amen

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