Tales from my Father 8:  theunfetteredpreacher 

This one really stars my brother David.  He like my Dad could fix anything with wheels and an engine.

When I  was young he brought home a go cart.  (I think someone traded it for car repairs).  It had a chain saw engine that just screamed.

A pedal for a brake that didn’t seem to do much stopping when I pressed it.   I would get on, Dave would start it up and I  would fly up Cote Ave.

Go around the trees that were at the circle at the time and end up back at the house.  

I  couldn’t stop it…  So David would grab the back end, pick it up and turn me around for another run. 
My Dad used to say, David was rebuilding carburetors when he was 3.  I believe it, he loved cars.  (I can tell you the make and year I drive, that’s about it).

David got burned twice quite badly when I  was young.   I think the first time, he was spraying starter fluid into a carburetor,  when it flamed up as and got his face and hands.

Mom was upset, because Dad and Dave were late for supper.  Till they pulled up and the mummy stepped out. (Davids face and hands were wrapped completely in white bandages, I never heard him complain).

The next time, he was using the cutting torch and some windshield washer fluid ignited and burned both legs.

I believe Mr Pouliot? (A Lt on Fire Department, helped at the garage at times), Put Dave out one of those times and my Dad the other.  Wish I had a better memory.

(Fire Blanket used to put out fires on David)

He also had a bad car wreck….  I passed out in the elevator after I saw him.  (Lame.. lol)

I really wish both Dave and I had taken it easier on Mom and Dad…  It could not have been pleasant cleaning up after us.

As soon as David straightened up and was flying right, I took off for the pucker brush.

I spent more time there than he.   Life was a mess for many years.  I wish I had had a working brain back then….  

Only the Lord knows, why I am the only one left.  The least productive of the bunch.

8 thoughts on “Tales from my Father 8:  theunfetteredpreacher 

  1. I love to hear the personal stories that you write. Though i do not always understand what you mean when you say things like ,”the mummy stepped out,”, or when you call yourself the least protective of the bunch. You have done a lot, learned a lot and have a family , who has passed on the word of God too, and that is big in itself. It took a lot of hard work to get where you are today so please DO NOT CALL YOURSELF ,” THE LEAST PRODUCTIVE OF THE BUNCH”.


  2. BILL: I WISH you would not talk so bad about yourself because those memories so you call them , made you are who you are today.You learned a lot about life , and who you presently are and want to be and should not be by the things you did back them also, You should be proud of who you are today and they hurtles you have come across and think that your parents would be proud of who you now became despite what you put your parents and everyone threw back then….. God is certainly proud of you, I know I am too>>>>>>>


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