Neglected Caroline – 7/23/16

Neglected Caroline –

My friend Bruce wrote:

Think about detailing in your Neglected Caroline series:

After a few shots they start to look like real estate photos from Joe’s used house lot, of houses that probably won’t sell. If you key in on some feature of the house (rotting wood and peeling paint do some interesting photographic things with light) it makes it more “arty”. The shot above is of a warehouse building in Cambridge that by itself would be kind of boring, but by keying in on the brick and stone against the sidewalk and modern buildings in the background it gives it an arty, farmable feel.

*framable – something you’d frame, not farmable – something you’d farm.

I took a photography course a few years back.
What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Neglected Caroline – 7/23/16

  1. In this one I’d key on the different colors under the peak, a corner of the cluttered window on the right, or maybe explore what’s behind the brush in front of the porch…


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