Tales from my Father 6:  theunfetteredpreacher

By the time I was a self-centered teenager, my Mom was being tormented by arthritus, both osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritus.

I wasn’t paying attention, but she could hardly walk, (Dad carried her up the stairs), and her hands got all deformed.

She was also on massive amounts of pain pills, which just happened to coincide with my new love, getting wasted.  (Pot or booze).

So we were ships passing, polite, uncaring, leave us alone, stoned.  Dad, cared for Mom, worked as usual and as long as things were calm, everything was fine.

Then it wasn’t.  I went off the rails.

I caused so much pain, in my uncaring rebellion, to my family and others.  

I wish I could relive my young and stupid years, with a whole lot less stupid.   (Afraid not)

It is what it is, I have repented, turned my life around, moved on, but I cannot undo the hurt I have caused.   I am so sorry.  

A few years after that, my Dad had a massive heart attack, while fixing a customers tire, 6am one morning, at work.

Thank God, that Jimmy DeCarolis,who was Police Chief in town,happened to stop by to say hi, found my Dad and rushed him to the hospital.

He never worked again, (he was able to use his  printing press, eventually).  My folks moved to Florida.

I followed a few years later, in my search for a God of Power and love.  They continued to love and accept me…  

I never realized, till I had Celeste, what the love of the Father was.   

6 thoughts on “Tales from my Father 6:  theunfetteredpreacher

  1. THAT was a very touching story that i myself could relate to only too well. I was brought up by my aunts and uncles, as my parents had died, and was a very angry and bitter child and never really understood why, but i use to treat them horrible when all they wanted to do was give me the best. I use to lie, steal their booze so they would not drink it, and break into their camps here in Ashburnham and have parties with my friends , and i did not care if they found out. I then started drinking hard stuff, and became more hard to handle, even thought running away was the answer till , one day no one came for me, It was then that I realized, I had to choose to be alone, or go back and straighten out and be with people who really did love me. It was a hard lesson learned but i did learn it…..Thanks for sharing this story….


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