Tales from my Father 5:  theunfetteredpreacher

My Dad made sure we had a weeks vacation every summer.   Most of the time it was camping.

The first years it was a tent, then we graduated  to a tent camper.  He built a pull out draw, that held a gas camping stove, cabinets for food and a place for an ice chest.

It was made so you could cook inside in bad weather or pull it outside, under a tarp, for good weather.

It really worked great.  Until the raccoons figured out how to open the cabinets and ice chest.  They ate well, once, anyway… lol

He taught me to fish cat fish at night.  He would find a fist sized rock, tie a big rubber band to one end, and  a fishing line to the other.

He would throw it as far out in the lake as he could.  The fish would bite, we’d reel them in, re-bait, release the line and it would zoom back out.   

No casting, same place every time.  It worked a treat.

We would visit every National, or State Park and every battle field, fort, or famous persons home we came across.

We often brought a friend to keep me company, what fun.

At home the rest of the year, on Sundays, if we weren’t out for a ride, and ice cream or hot dogs, we would play badminton, or catch.

It drove me crazy that I had to wait till after his 20 minute noon time nap.   

Many good memories.  

I hope Celeste has as many.

8 thoughts on “Tales from my Father 5:  theunfetteredpreacher

  1. A nice reminder of when our days weren’t filled with an over abundance of fluff. The memories of “time” are my favorite. When mom always had time to read books out loud and even dad would hold still long enough to listen!


  2. I love to read the stories you post. it takes me back to the good ol days that are NOT ANYMORE.. now all you see are kids with I phones I pods or whatever you call them things that are glues to their ears. I think it is shameful, where is the fun in that?Kids so not know how to have fun , they think that their phones are the fun. I do not see things getting any better as we age either I am glad I do not have 50 years more to live because i would NOT want to see what the next generation will be thinking is going to be FUN>>>>>>>>>>


  3. Haven’t heard them called that in 35 years. Thanks for reminding me. Bill

    You`re welcome. Thank you for the Entertaining tales…Some things are before my time, but I grew up there, and call it home. Your stories bring back alot of memories…
    Christopher Lashua


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