Tales from my Father 4: theunfetteredpreacher

My Dad, all his working life, was at the Shop by 6am to do paper work.  Home about 7:30 for breakfast.

Back to work by 8,  lunch around noon,  (a 20 minute nap), back to work after 45 minutes.   

Home for supper at 6pm or later.  Down stairs, printing press running by 7, up for tv by 10.    Bed by 11.

His printing press:  Originaly a foot powered press,  (he added an electric moter), all type hand mounted,  backwards.  Very old school even then.

He printed mostly business cards, raffle tickets, some business stationary.

I think he enjoyed it because it was quiet, no customers around, just the work.  He could not be still, when he read the paper, it was always funnies first.

He was a devoted Catholic, a professional swearer, arms of steal for such a small man.

He told me in his youth, he would have to pitch hay up to the hay loft. 

He would put so much on the pitch fork that the handle would break, so he could take a brake, to replace it.

We laughed, but we were not a funny family,  life was serious business.  When I practiced music, Dad would ask me to play his favorite song.

“Far, far away”….  funny huh?

My brother took to the family business at a young age, rebuilding carburetors, by the age of 3. 

Me from 12 to sixteen, I pumped gas, changed oil, fixed tires, did brake jobs…

That was the full extent of my car knowledge.  At 16, I went to work in a wood shop, and never looked back.

I was loved, every year we went camping or to the Worlds Fair in NYC, 1964?  Then to Expo in Canada… a few years later.

I was spoiled, wanted for nothing.  I am sorry I couldn’t do the same for my daughter.

19 thoughts on “Tales from my Father 4: theunfetteredpreacher

  1. I love hearing your stories about your family, It almost puts me right their with them as they are doing things. I am sure you did the best that you could for your daughter and gave her what you could could, at the time. You have to remember that the times were so different then .A loaf of bread was only 25 cents. ,now you can not even buy one piece of bubble gum………

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  2. I never knew your Dad was a printer. Mine was too – peddle, then motor. Up to the day he died he was printing prayer cards for a local funeral home on a hand operated press. My son Jason and I printed his.

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