The wise men; what wisdom is in them? theunfetteredpreacher

The wise men;  what wisdom is in them?

The wise men of our Public Schools, the wise men of our Universities, the wise men of our Government; 

Even the wise men of our Churches;  “what wisdom is in them?

The wise men are ashamed, they are dismayed and taken: lo, they have rejected the word of the Lord; and what wisdom is in them?

Please note, I include even our Churches in the question, “what wisdom is in them?”

The world has excepted the nonsense of  climate change as being because of man. 

Ignoring the ice ages, and hot weather that have been cycling through-out time, wilfully and willingly.

We are being told LGBTQ’s are to be accepted, embraced and our children taught  that it is all natural and good.  (It isn’t).

I know these folks have always been with us.  I understand they believe they have no choice, that it is who they are.  (Not true).

Our elected loosers in Washington, would denie us our rights, while further driving God out of our lives.  (Godlessness prevails, evil grows in the hearts of man).

The real problem, apparently, is the Word of God.  It reveals our sins, causes us discomfort, points us to repentance.  (This is truth).  We cannot have that.

That is why we must not teach it to, or even let our children possess a Bible, never mind share it with their classmates.

Enough about the world, why the Church?

We have the same problems in Church,  we ignore the parts of the Bible we don’t agree with.

For some:  It is humility, poverty, trials and tribulation.  For others:  It  is prosperity, success, healing, peace and joy.  Still others:  The Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit today.  Signs, wonders, miracles, tongues, interpretation, prophecy.

They don’t understand the truth of the Word so they throw it out.  It is all in there, all valid beliefs, truths of God, according to your faith so be it. 

Woe, to the teachers and preachers that speak against the parts they do not understand.   (Yes they are legion).

So many reject the things they do not understand, instead of asking the Lord to enlighten them.

They bury the Talents…  They do not increase…  Spiritualy themselves, and they cause what followers they have to stay immature, ineffective and ignorant.

We need the parts of the Word we do not understand the most.  If we allow Him, the Holy Spirit would lead us to all truth.  He will teach us all things.  Empower us for His service.

We should experience increase in all parts of our lives and ministries.


Lord, open our eyes, our hearts and our minds, to accept all you have for us, to fulfill Your will.

2 thoughts on “The wise men; what wisdom is in them? theunfetteredpreacher

  1. AMEN! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!! This is so true! WE MUST HANG ONTO OUR SAVIOUR’S EVERY WORD! Even when we KNOW we are standing in a “crowd” alone! We must remember we are NOT alone! As believers in the ONE TRUE GOD we will never be alone.
    We must eat and digest everything our Lord feeds us or we will fall into starvation. We must be careful of the devil’s slippery slope that can fool even the ELECT.
    He must increase, we must decrease!
    Great post, Brother!


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