Sin is like Gorilla Glue

Is sin a problem in you life?


Have you ever used Gorilla Glue?   It is wonderful stuff, I have used it for many projects and been extremely satisfied with the results.

My smart phone holster was falling apart so Gorilla Glue to the rescue.    While at a job I knew I would be on for 3 or more hours.  I decided to glue up my holster.   Took my phone out applied glue. Set it aside to dry.

It was finished:  The job was done.  Collected my tools, put them in tool case.  Checked out holster…..looking good, seemed dry.  Put on hip, placed phone inside, went out to my car.

Phone vibrated; once.

I’ve had this phone almost 2 years…it is a good phone, I know how to use this phone.  This phone has my life on it.

The only problem with this phone is the screen cracks really easily.  (When dropped).

I had replaced screen twice. (Ouch). …

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