Persistence : The Fix-it Shop


Sitting at the waterfront, half listening to Car Talk, watching the sea gulls and praying in and  as the Spirit directs.

There is one particular sea gull, working so hard at getting his meal out of a whelk.  He picks and pokes for the longest time. Suddenly he picks it up flies out over the water, up, up, up, back over land and drops the shell.  CRACK!!!

Back on it like white on rice…he doesn’t quit until he has gotten every morsel, he leaves an empty broken shell…He leaves satisfied.

This is how we should feed on the Word.    Pick, poke, prode, crack it open until  we are satisfied,  filled with Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge, the faith to believe.  If we could  only believe. ….

Be converted and become as a child…. ask, seek and knock, enter the Holy of Holies, receive  grace and mercy in our time of need.

Do not quit, persist. …..children ask and believe you can supply their every want, need or desire.
The Lord Would have us Believe in Him that way as well.   He is able….Only  Believe.  Know the Word, so you Knew His will…believe and receive.

Lord, help our unbelief.

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