The Fix-it Shop – What to believe?


What to believe?

I have family that I love who are  Godly, giving, loving and religious.  They are Mormons.

I saw on Facebook, (I guess I would call it), a defense of Mormon beliefs, kind of equating Joseph Smith to Moses

To show us the Lords way.  (My words, I lost the article,  computer is still a second language).

(I will say the Mormons and Jehovahs Witnesses have a better handle on Missionary work and helping others than most other Christian  Denominations.)

The thing that struck me is both Joseph Smith and   the Christian Church have missed the mark and for the same reason.

The Mormons believe that when the Apostles died there was no longer Godly  leadership in the Church.

The Church went into error.

The Christian Church seems to believe that when the Apostles died the signs and wonders stopped.

I think thats where the Church went into error.

If we believe Jesus, than when we look behind us we should be seeing signs and wonders.  We may see a few but the God I believe in is Mighty.

So what is the problem?

Jesus told the parable of the talents. He told it in terms of  money because we all understand its use.

Whst if He was really talking about the Gifts of the Spirit.

I believe we see a few who have multiplied some of the Gifts.
–  Peter, James, John, Paul, Steven. …then the signs and wonders  stopped.

Then we see them again:
–  Katherin Kohlman, Oral Roberts, RW Schambach, Benny Hinn and other lesser knowns.

Why them and not us?

They pressed into the Holy of Holies and touched the hem of His garment.

Mark 6 tells us all who on touched the hem of His garment were healed.

We seem to think our preaching is the only tool Christ left us to build His kingdom, I contend He left us the Gifts of the Spirit and we have left them on the shelf.

Well saints, according to your faith, so be it. As for me,  I will continue to boldly seek to enter the Holy of Holies.

I will continue to reach for the hem of His garment, until I see the signs, wonders and miracles following as He promised.

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