Blogging 101 – Digging for Roots

In this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge, tell us about what makes you, you.

I was the spoiled rotten baby of three.  The youngest by 9 years.  I was loved, brought up as a Catholic, attended Church and Catechism weekly.

I was sure I’d be rich and famous.  Why?  I was me, isn’t that reason enough.   So here I am, wondering,  What Happened?

The things that make these 60 years worthwhile are:
1.  Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior 34 plus years
2.  Married to a stong, beautiful Christian woman, 30
       Years ago.
3.  Having a wonderful,  intelligent, lovely daughter,
       23 years ago.
4.   Finding my true vocation 20 years ago.  (Piano   
5.    Teaching and preaching the Word of God again
          After  25 years in the desert.

That is  what makes me, me.

If I would just listen and obey the Lord, no telling what I might have or might yet, become.          

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