Mathew 25

Matthew 25:  Jesus speaking to His disciples about the end times.  Parables,  stories,  whatever, people have tried to understand  this chapter forever.

So lets take a non-denominational look:

Wise and foolish virgins:   Oil for their lamps.

To me that is the measure of the Spirit in our lives.   Our lamps will not burn, draw people to God if we don’t stir up the Spirit.   We must stay rooted and grounded in the Word and Faith to shine the light for others to see.

Parable of the talents:   When Jesus went to sit at the Fathers right hand what did He leave us?  Not money or physical talents,  singing, playing an instrument or sports….something worth far more.

He left us the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.    “The believers gathered together in one accord.”   “Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed? “”They had not yet received the Spirit.”

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is an extra blessing from God to whosoever will;  As you have received the measure of faith.  When Paul teaches about the Gifts of the Spirit,  he mentioned the gifts of tongues and interpretation last.  I believe that is because of the troubles they had  at Corinth.   For when God Baptized in the Spirit the first evidence  was tongues and interpretation.   This persuades me to believe this is both the easiest and  most widely available of the gifts.

Some do not believe that these gifts are for today.   I for one cannot find an expiration date on “These signs shall follow”, do you see one?

So let us say tongues and interpretation are for today.   Can you be taught to speak in tongues?   I don’t believe you could speak my prayer language.   I could urge you to find your own tho.

I know it is hard to let yourself speak gibberish. ….but we need to let go and let God have control.   You will be amazed by the grace and love that will flood your heart as God and your Spirit come together as one.  If you ask the Lord, you will probably think of a letter or sound….voice it… will soon flow like a flood from your inner man….Your inner most thoughts,  fears, desires will connect to Gods plans and directions for your life.    Don’t just run ahead, pray study the Word.   Be sure you understand.

This might be the one talent given, are you going to bury it?

I speak in tongues to the Lord.   I have not spoken out as a prophet or interprator….that doesn’t seem to be my talent but as I use my prayer language,  my spirit is lifted up, and it helps me to avoid the sin that so easily besets me.

The more we use our prayer language, it grows and brings us closer to the Lord. “But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,”

This is the introduction to the signs and wonders promised to those who believe.  The first step in learning to understand the Gifts and there use.

The Parable of the sheep and goats:   We have a real problem when we believe the Word of God BUT…..

Goats butt, sheep follow. ….Which are you?
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2 thoughts on “Mathew 25

  1. Well said, Bill. Many of us, me included, wonder what we can be doing for the Lord and are not using what He has given us in the gifts of the Spirit. Paul writes that “he that speaks in a tongue edifies himself.” We need that daily edification to be able to hear and follow what He is telling us.

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