VII Who is the Trinity in the Old Testament

Who have we met and what have they done:


God (Elohim) creator and ruler of all.  God of the Trinity said it,  it was so and it was good.   God said Let us create man in our image. 

The Spirit of God  (Ruach of Elohim),   moved upon the waters.   The Spirit of God gives us wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  Prophesy,  understanding of dreams and interpretation of same.


The Lord (Jehovah),  the Eternal One.   He was with God at creation.   Is always in agreement with God but has a different character or nature.  You begin to recognize the difference as you read their conversations with Noah, Abraham and Moses.


The Spirit of the Lord. (Ruach of Jehovah),   gave wisdom, strength, courage in battle as well as anointing to preach, heal and deliver.


Evil Spirits from God and the Lord both trouble King Saul after the Spirit of the Lord leaves him.


Finally we find the Holy Spirit    grieved by the behavior of the chosen ones.


I wonder how well they match up in the New Testament?


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